The Young Ambassadors History

Original release 1915

It's hard to believe that 65 years after the guns of WW2 fell silent, there are still stories about the second World War that have never before been told. This is undoubtedly one of most intriguing untold stories of them all. In the very darkest days of the War, when the German armies were massed along the coast of Europe and it looked as if Britain would certainly be invaded, and almost certainly overrun, a scheme was hurriedly scrambled together to send as many children as possible across the Atlantic to the safety of the USA and Canada. In this programme we track down and talk to the people whose lives were so suddenly uprooted; the Atlantic crossing in time of war, settling down in a totally strange environment, how their lives have been altered by what happened. In this programme we are able to re-live their extraordinary experience.

History - History

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