Dangerous Indiscretions: The Decline of the House of Windsor Documentaries

"Throughout the history of the British monarchy, indiscretions and hastily covered up naughtiness have blighted the ruling families... Lust and power are two words almost inseparable. Henry VIII started the Church of England because he'd had enough of his wife. King Edward VIII abdicated for the woman he loved. Prince Charles married the first time - but not the woman he loved and continued to be linked to. Sarah Ferguson enjoyed having her toes sucked by her financial adviser. Then there's the late Diana. It could be claimed that her romantic involvements led to her untimely death - with her extra-curricular activities causing a media scrum wherever she went - a frenzy that would eventually kill her. This in-depth documentary looks at the scandals that have blighted the credibility and popularity of the royal family through the ages, right up to later controversies surrounding Diana, Fergie and Camilla."

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