Royal Children: Prince William and Prince Harry Documentaries

"They were born into the most famous royal family in the world, its history and traditions stretching back centuries. Their childhood would be played out against the background of their parents’ disintegrating marriage, and they were still barely more than children when they were robbed of their mother in shocking and tragic circumstances. Their every action, be it positive or negative, would be subject to intense public fascination and media scrutiny. They are, of course, Princes William and Harry – the ‘heir’ and the ‘spare’: two young men who have had to cope with extraordinarily challenging events and circumstances as, together, they have gone on to change the face of the British royal family and carve meaningful roles for themselves in the modern world. Following the untimely death of their mother, Prince William and Prince Harry had to face their personal responsibilities with only their father for emotional support. With the world’s eyes upon them, they had to combine public duty with private grief. This probing documentary investigates the options that were open to the young princes at that incredibly difficult time and asks what lies in their future."

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