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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 1

Food Safari explores the fresh flavours of Japanese food with passionate top chefs and home-cooks. Maeve O'Meara joins legendary restaurateur Tetsuya Wakuda who gives tips on the key ingredients in Japanese cooking and makes a simple marinade using just five ingredients, including his favourite miso paste. Top restaurateur Kimitata Azuma makes a fast and easy fresh tuna salad and home-cook Yuki Totsuka shows how to make miso soup. Sushi master Shinji Tani reveals some of the secrets of his art and knife expert Hideo Dekura slices sashimi. Vibrant mother and daughter cooking team Kei and Masako Fukui have taught the art of the kaiseki banquet for many years and show how to make sushi rice and nori maki rolls. We finish with a range of noodles – the prized buckwheat soba noodles and ramen - and Maeve has a lesson in the fine art of slurping.
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