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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 3

Guillaume Brahimi from Guillaume at Bennelong, at the Sydney Opera House, gives a guide to essential fresh ingredients - from herbs to vegetables - then shows how to cook the perfect steak and the potatoes that are a staple through Parisian bistros. Philippe Mouchel (Philippe Mouchel at The Brasserie, Melbourne) makes a lamb navarin served with a celeriac and truffle puree. Maeve meets cheese expert Eric Moschietto from La Bergerie Cheese shop in Melbourne and learns that there are so many French cheeses, you can taste three a day for a year and still have some to try. Top food stylist Marie Helene Clauson draws on family recipes to create a light cheese soufflé and charcuterer Romeo Badouin explains terrines, pates and confit. We meet Food and Beverage manager at the Sofitel Hotel Sydney Laurent Branover and learn that every French family has a crepe pan and uses it every Sunday to make simple crepes, or crepes Suzette served with orange Cointreau butter and flamed.
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