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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 5

Food Safari explores a different take on Mediterranean cooking with the rustic delights of Maltese food. Chef Paul Camilleri (Restaurant Sojourn) goes through the essential ingredients and then cooks his family recipe for the national dish of rabbit stew. Then it’s time for the national snack food, pastizzi, and the national sandwich called Hobs Biz Zeit – tomato paste on crusty bread and topped with anchovies, capers and olive oil. Chef Louis Bigeni shows how the Maltese have modified recipes from their neighbours, taking pasta to a different level with a rich meat sauce and baked in pastry. We learn about the soft ricotta style cheeses and harder mature cheese loved by the Maltese and meet Polly Vella who missed them so much when she came to Australia, she decided to learn how to make them herself. Finally broadcaster Rita O’Dwyer from the Maltese radio program at SBS makes dessert.
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