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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 7

Food Safari delves into the delicious world of Croatian food and Maeve enlists her friend Dennis Valcich, chef, author and passionate promoter of the food from his homeland to run through the key ingredients used in the cuisine. He demonstrates a simple and delicious recipe from his home on the Dalmatian coast – artichoke cooked simply with potatoes and broad beans. Also from Dalmatia, Melbourne chef Ino Kuvacic from Dalmatino Restaurant who makes the dish beloved of all - a brodet - fish stew served on polenta. As well as the coastline, the inland of Croatia is represented with a range of smallgoods made by long time king of Croatian smallgoods Ivan Spehar, who brought the famous skinless sausage cevapcici to many Australians. Homecook and matriarch, Branka Roncevic makes the famous cabbage rolls which are served with creamy mashed potato. Her son Frank continues a family tradition of the big Sunday cookout using a bell-shaped Croatian outdoor oven called a peka, which transforms anything cooked in it into a masterpiece. Also using meat and flame, well known restaurateur Tonci Farac from Wildfire Restaurant on Sydney's Circular Quay cooks a magnificent rack of lamb on the barbecue using salt and rosemary to add simple flavours. Prodigious sweets maker Mira Valcich whips up simple biscuits with a plum jam filling to finish.
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