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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 8

Food Safari sizzles with colour, flavour and texture as it savours the wonderful complexity of Singaporean food. Maeve meets up with two Singaporean friends to guide her through the range of ingredients - passionate home cook Helina Lee picks the top spices and sauces needed while chef Alex Lee (Ginger and Spice, Singapore Restaurant) shows off the range of fresh produce and seafood including mudcrabs- which he transforms into the famous Singapore chilli mudcrab with a surprise key ingredient. Top chef Chui Lee Luk from the acclaimed Claude's restaurant is better known for her French style food, though away from work she makes a marvellous Assam fish, adapting her mother's treasured recipe. Barrister Tiffany Wong, one of the descendants of a famous Hainanese family shows how to make beautifully tender Hainan chicken with chicken rice, served with fresh ginger and chilli sauces. Helina Lee whips up a fast salad snack beloved of Singaporeans called rojak. Along the way, we spend time with a Singaporean chef who almost dances as he juggles woks and flame at breakneck speed and learn about the love of hawker stalls serving beloved specials. Chef and cooking teacher Chee Ong then demonstrates a stylish take on the famous bubur cha-cha - a dessert of tropical fruit, tapioca and sweet potato that is simply divine.
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