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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 9

Food Safari revels in centuries old dishes cooked by passionate chefs and home cooks as it explores Hungarian cuisine. Maeve meets up with chef Stephen Oroszvari who has a one man mission to excite the world about the flavours of his homeland - for instance did you know that Hungarians are so passionate about paprika, that they have nicknames for some of their favourite varieties - "strong Stephen" and "gentle Anna" are just two. Long time restaurateur Csaba Cserfalvi shares tips on making the perfect schnitzel and also shows how deeply committed Hungarians are to their carbs with a deep fried langos bread and many variations on potatoes. SBS Sport guru Les Murray shares the recipe for his mother's rakott krumpli - layered potaoes with csabai sausage and sour cream, we join a mad wonderful goulash cook off, followed by Stephen's beautiful recipe for Porkolt - a form of goulash served with nokedli, (homemade pasta). The episode soars to a sweet magnificent crescendo with some of the most exquisite delights made by artisans who have perfected strudels and layered cakes, beigli and tortes, then food editor and broadcaster Janelle Bloom shares her grandmother's recipe for wicked cream cheese and sour cherry strudel.
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