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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 11

Food Safari revels in the clever combination of Portuguese and African cuisines that are the key to much of Brazilian cooking. Maeve teams up with two talented Brazilian cooks - Regina Kytzia from Casa Brazil Restaurant and Edna Barzel of Sweet Brazil, both of whom are passionate about their homeland and keen to show off the many ingredients used. Regina takes us to shop for fresh produce in a Vietnamese emporium, while Edna visits a Portuguese deli. Across town another Brazilian cook Patricia Nunes introduces Maeve to the delights of Brazil's favourite cocktail the caiparinha, made with lots of lime and a spirit from sugarcane that’s 40% proof - all at 10am! Patricia says it’s the only way to cook and then whips up the drop dead fabulous Brazilian seafood stew called moqueca with its fresh flavours of lime and coriander. We visit a Portuguese butcher to stock up on pork, chourico and carne seca (salted air dried beef) ready to make the national dish called feijoada - Edna Barzel says this hearty dish is enjoyed at least once a week and it’s the one thing that can make a Brazilian incredibly homesick. We learn about the lovely little cheese bread made with cassava flour that Brazilians love to snack on called Pão de Queijo and discover what makes a churrasco barbecue so delicious and taste Regina's easy chicken and prawn dish from her home near Sao Paolo. Dora Silva then whips up sweet coconut custard for dessert.
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