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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 12

Food Safari ventures into the beautifully healthy world of Korean food, full of colour and surprises. Martial arts champion and top Adelaide chef Chung Jae Lee of Mapo restaurant reveals the basic ingredients needed for his cuisine amongst the Korean grocery stores and the fruit and vegetable stalls of Adelaide's vibrant Central Market. He cooks up a simple delicious bulgogi - a beloved marinated beef dish eaten rolled up in lettuce leaves. Chris Kang explains Korean people's devotion to the fermented vegetable kimchi and explains how his grandmother has been making it since she arrived in Australia. Suzannah Kim who cooks every day in her restaurant in Sydney's Little Korea in Campsie whips up a traditional favourite easy enough to make at home - a rice, vegetable and beef dish called bibimbap. Maeve visits her friend Joo Kim who has been making tofu for many years and joins the elegant Yuni Choi for some lessons in how to eat Korean food at a traditional BBQ restaurant and not look silly. We finish at a rice cake factory and see how stone-ground rice is steamed with a variety of fillings including nuts, beans and herbs to make the soft low fat cakes that are prized for festivals and special occasions.
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