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Food Safari Series 2 Episode 13

Food Safari dives into the welcoming world of Mauritian food, one of the great Creole cuisines on earth, a unique mixture of African, Indian, French and Chinese cuisines. Maeve joins chef Kavi Hurrydoss who gives a rundown of basic ingredients for a Mauritian pantry - a combination of Indian spices, tropical produce and fresh herbs. He then whips up the food he misses the most - a street food called Dholl Puri - stuffed flatbread with a split pea filling Chef Robyn Touchard shares her mum’s easy fish vindaye recipe. Chef Vijay Baboo of Le Bukhara restaurant demonstrates his recipe for Rougaille- an all purpose tomato-based sauce with spices, ginger and lime and then cooks up some prawns in the delicious mix, while Melbourne based expatriate chef Jocelyn Riviere whips up a cracking duck curry full of delicious flavour. Maeve visits Melbourne's only Mauritian cafe and learns how more-ish the falafel-like snacks called gateaux piment are. Caterer Jean-Marc Gooroovadoo shares his recipe for one of the top desserts - a banana tart.
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